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                            About THA

                            ENTERPRISE PROFILE

                            To achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction by providing world-class levels of service, responsiveness and convenience to our customers in the United States and Canada while acting as the domestic liaison for all aspects of the manufacturing process at our factory.

                            We strive to greatly simplify and streamline the processes involved in assuring that our customers achieve best-in-class value.  We provide an effective and responsive corridor that makes it easy for our customers to manage costs, while obtaining high quality products and receiving timely delivery in order to provide a secure and flexible supply chain

                            We aspire to build long-term and mutually advantageous relationships with our customers for their continued growth and prosperity.


                            Tingheng Inc. (THA), 100% owned by TH, is a sales, marketing & service division for TH. THA provides local customer service and support to clients in the USA and Canada in real time.
                            THA provides 5 million dollars in product liability insurance coverage

                            Spare parts and repair kits are in stock at our facility at Kansas City, Missouri for end-customers' immediate replacement needs. 
                            We have 102 service stations in the U.S. spanning 42 states and a total of 10 service stations throughout Canada.

                            BRAND TRADEMARK

                            CONTACT US

                            Our Location:

                            8406 NW 107th Terrace,
                            Kansas City, MO 64153 USA

                            Contact Information:
                            Toll Free: 1-844-364-9922
                            Local: 1-816-569-2105
                            FAX: 816-569-5273
                            Sales E-Mail: Salesus@chinalifts.com
                            Service E-mail: Serviceus@chinalifts.com
                            Working Hour: 8:00 AM—5:00 PM (CST)

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